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The EKO-WIATR BIS company offers cleaning the solar panels by the usage of specialized equipment devoted to such activities. As the first company in Poland we possess the ROBOKLIN 25 machine, designed and produced by the Italian company Messersi, dedicated to cleaning the solar panels assembled on the large area plants.  The ROBOKLIN 25 is a multifunctional, self-propelled tracked machine which is able to move on every, even the most unfavourable terrain. Large container for water with the capacity of 2400 litres, enables cleaning solar panels on one solar power plant with the total power of 1 MW.  For cleaning the panels, the demineralised water is used through application of dedicated specialized biodegradable preparations of renowned worldwide manufacturers. The telescopic arm ended with the brush which prevents from scratching, with the length up to 4200mm, enables for quick and efficient cleaning of the significant panels’ surfaces within short time. Electronic control of cleaning system distance from the solar panels, by the usage of built-in ultrasonic sensors prevents the accidental movements of the arm and damage of the PV modules caused by the uneven surfaces or various inclination angle of panels. Sprinkles placed along the total length of the brush, provide an even distribution of water on the surface of the panels just before the cleaning brush, which moves in two separate directions dependent on the course of machine’s movement. Possessing the equipment, the staff properly trained by the manufacturer as well as our own means of transport, we are able to perform the service of cleaning photovoltaic panels throughout Poland.


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