The comprehensive service including specialized technical management, service and administration of wind turbine generators, solar power plants, electroenergetical HV/MV stations, electrical infrastructure and other adjoined infrastructure, which are a part of the particular objects. We possess many years of experience in performing the comprehensive function of the installation operator, and also we possess any necessary permissions essential to perform the described tasks.


The EKO-WIATR BIS company offers, in the scope of its services, the 24/7 monitoring of the electric devices’ operation, the alarm system operation and the CCTV of the particular wind farms, HV/MV electroenergetical stations and solar power plants, possessing the fully professional and prepared for performing such activities dispatch station. In accordance with the performed function of the operator, the EKO-WIATR BIS company offers also any kind of other services (e.g. mowing off the grass, cleaning the solar panels etc.), and also hires the qualified personnel possessing the appropriate and valid professional qualifications and certificates required by the Polish and European law.


At present the EKO-WIATR BIS company possesses under the technical management and performs the function of operator of the Renewable Energy Installations with the adjoined electrical infrastructure of the total power of over  1050 MW  as well as 15 electroenergetical HV/MV stations and 198 MV switchboard stations throughout Poland (łódzkie, wielkopolskie, pomorskie, zachodniopomorskie, opolskie, podlaskie, śląskie, mazowieckie, warmińsko - mazurskie and kujawsko – pomorskie voivodeships), including also 155 solar power plants of the total power of 163 MW



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