EKO-WIATR monitors construction investments executed at the request of financing institutions, mainly banks, for the purposes of credited investments.

We are on the list accepted by Bank Ochrony Środowiska S.A. companies providing the services of Independent Technical Advisors / Project Monitors for PV projects.

As part of investment control, the main task of EKO-WIATR is to confirm the completion of construction stages, in accordance with the schedule of the investment project. Based on positive investment inspection reports, the bank releases funds.

As part of financed investments, the main task of EKO-WIATR is to confirm the construction expenditure incurred by the investor as part of the investment.

EKO-WIATR performs the advisory and control function of the monitored investment.

Thanks to our supervision, the risk of the financing party and the Investor is significantly reduced.

As part of his task, the Independent Technical Advisor prepares reports: preliminary, periodic and final. The preliminary report includes a complete technical and construction audit regarding the planned or already started investment. Periodic reports concern the verification of progress in the implementation of the investment, while the Final Report is a study documenting the proper completion of the project.

The most important elements in the scope of EKO-WINR BIS tasks are:

- real estate legal status assessment,

- analysis of project documentation,

- verification of contracts and permits,

- verification and assessment of the project schedule,

- verification and assessment of the investment budget,

- periodic inspections on supervised investments,

- assessment of compliance of the work executed with the budget, schedule and building permit,

- investment progress assessment in relation to the budget and schedule,

- confirmation of actually incurred costs as part of the investment being implemented,

- confirmation of the completion of stages in the opened housing escrow accounts,

- confirmation of the completion of the investment and obtaining the approvals and permits required by law.

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