Pursuant to the Regulation of the Minister of Entrepreneurship and Technology of October 30, 2018 (Journal of Laws item 2176 of 2018), the requirement to reconstruct the history of UTB's operation in order to determine its technical condition was introduced.

The amendment to the regulations is primarily intended to regulate the area of ​​UTB operation with the unknown history and course of devices, while maintaining the maximum acceptable level of its safe functioning.

Service life is a requirement to reconstruct the history of transport device operation in order to assess its technical condition, and thus the possibilities of further operation.


Service life is developed by using:

  • device technical data,
  • number of work cycles (for construction),
  • number of working hours for mechanisms,
  • professional assessment of technical condition,


in the assumed period of operation with nominal load, taking into account the actual conditions of use.

The estimation of the service life rate applies to all UTBs subject to technical supervision.

The ordinance introduces the need to count and present to the subordinate UDT unit in the form of documentation the results of the service life estimation.

Our company offers a service life estimation for the following Handling Devices installed in wind farms:

  • Hanging service lifts.

based on :

  • Manufacturer's documentation.
  • Entries in maintenance logs.
  • Assessment of technical condition of devices.
  • Device operating meter

In the absence of work time recorders or work cycle history drawn up by service staff, it is estimated based on the operator's declaration containing information on the number of work cycles and the values ​​of loads that the device has developed since its commissioning.

Our clients have so far obtained 100% positive UDT verifications regarding the documentation of the degree of service life  on the above mentioned devices.

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