Performing the operation, maintenance and repairs of the service lifting devices and implementing the periodical inspections of the pressure vessels installed in the wind turbines.

The scope of the activities includes:

  • The maintenance of the devices in accordance with the operating manual and UDT requirements,
  • The arrangement of the devices’ examination performance together with their technical and transport infrastructure,
  • Storing and maintaining the documentation of the devices – Device’s Inspection Book,
  • Performing the electrical measurements of the resistance, insulation resistance and the effectiveness of the protection against the electric shock of the devices equipped with the electric apparatus,
  • Repair of the devices and exchange of the components
  • Reporting, participation and conducting the ad-hoc operation tests.
  • Performing the 5-year inspections of the POWER CLIMBER drives units on the manufacturer’s level – Level 3.


At present the EKO-WIATR BIS company is performing the maintenance service in the scope of UDT registered devices on  485 wind turbine generators localized throughout Poland.